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Kendall Excilon T-Slit IV Sponge

Excilon T-Slit IV Sponge. Superior absorbency and fast wicking action helps reduce infections and decrease the frequency of dressing changes.Unique pre-cut T-slit conforms snugly around drains, catheters, chest tubes, I.V.s and tracheotomies to keep dressing in place and site secure without fraying.6-Ply.Sterile 2s.


Kendall Tendersorb Wet-Pruf Abdominal Pad

Kendall Tendersorb Wet Pruf Abdominal Pad. Consists of three layers including a soft outer nonwoven layer plus fluff filler for absorbency and a WetPruf barrier to prevent fluid strike through. All four edges are sealed to prevent lint residue and leaking. Sterile.


Kendall Kerlix 4 X 4 Sponges

Kendall Kerlix 4X4 Sponges. Ideal for all purpose use as well as superior primary dressing. Absorbency and texture is ideal for prepping, cleansing, packing and debriding wounds.12-ply Sterile 2s.


3M Tegaderm Transparent Dressing

3M Tegaderm Transparent Dressing. A transparent film dressing designed for protecting skin and wound sites. Frame style allows customization of shape and size to fit any site. Unique sacral shape is designed for challenging and difficult to dress areas.Waterproof dressing provides a bacterial and viral barrier to outside contaminants and allows the patient to shower. Breathable film allows moisture vapor and oxygen exchange while providing a moist wound environment for enhanced healing.


3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing IV



3M Tegaderm HP Transparent Film Dressing

3M Tegaderm HP Transparent Film Dressing. A sterile thin film dressing with a specially formulated adhesive that provides greater staying power under moderate amounts of moisture. Also provides a bacterial barrier to outside contaminants. Waterproof. Clear.


Kendall Curity AMD Packing Strips

Kendall Curity AMD Packing Strips. Highly effective against most organisms. Limits cross-contamination from patient to the environment and caregivers. Resists bacterial colonization within the dressing. Helps prevent infections from growing and spreading in the dressing. Helps minimize infection exposure from strike-through.


3M Tegaderm HP Transparent Film Dressing2

3M Tegaderm HP Transparent Film Dressing. Developed to reduce unscheduled dressing changes in problem situations. High performance sterile film dressing. Excellent adhesion and staying power for challenging areas. Conformable oval and sacral shapes fit body areas better. Breathable and moisture vapor permeable.


Kendall Telfa Island Dressing

Kendall Telfa Island Dressing. Convenient all in one dressing. Soft non-woven backing conforms around wound and seals on all four sides.


Kendall Xeroform Petrolatum Dressing

Kendall Xeroform Petrolatum Dressing. 3 percent Bismuth Tribromophenate in a petrolatum based fine mesh gauze Bacteriostatic action in light exudating wounds.Clings and conforms. Used for compression therapy and use in deep and shallow wounds. Non adherent construction. Non traumatic to the wound and the patient upon removal.Occlusive dressing helps protect and promote moist wound healing.


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