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Male External Catheters

Coloplast Freedom Clear LS Male External Catheter

Coloplast Freedom Clear LS Male External Catheter. Latex-free polyurethane self-adhering male catheter for everyday wear. Comfortable & healthy for skin with highest level of breathability available.Its Long Seal ensures the catheter will not come off. It features a longer-length adhesive seal on a thin sheath plus a kink-resistant nozzle that eliminates catheter blow offs.

Freedom Clear

Coloplast Freedom Clear Male External Catheter

Coloplast Freedom Clear Male External Catheter. Latex-free self-adhering male catheter for everyday wear. Comfortable & healthy for skin with highest level of breathability available.

Freedom Clear

Coloplast Freedom Clear SS Male External Catheter

Coloplast Freedom Clear SS - Sport Sheath - offers a thin silicone sheath for less roll ring at the base of the penis. A good choice for individuals with penis retractions. Kink-resistant nozzle is designed to eliminate catheter blow-offs. A latex-free, self-adhering, one piece catheter with an ultra-thin sheath designed for everyday wear. Applies simply by rolling on with no need for adhesive tape. Clear silicone eliminates skin irriation due to latex sensitivity.


Hollister Everyday Male External Catheter

Hollister Everyday Male External Catheter. Easy to apply with its plastic collar. Securely attaches and seals to the skin by its integral adhesive. Durable latex resists tearing and puncture. Safely conducts urine through double convolutions that resist kinking and twisting keeping fluid pathway open. Made from medical grade acrylic.


Mentor-Coloplast Active Cath Male External Catheter

Active Cath Male External Catheter is a self adhering 1-piece latex catheter for active men who prefer an extended wear product. Combines a comfortable shortened latex sheath with a wide water tight seal. Reservoir bulb prevents back flow of urine.

Active Cath

Mentor-Coloplast Clear Advantage External Catheter

Silicone self-adhering one piece catheter designed for maximum wear time. Clear silicone allows visual inspection of skin. Hypoallergenic.Latex free.


Mentor-Coloplast Freedom Cath Male External Catheter

Freedom Cath is a self adhering 1-piece latex catheter for secure everyday use. Combines a comfortable latex sheath with a wide water tight adhesive seal. The Freedom Cath is applied by simply rolling it on. No need to apply adhesive tapes. The reservoir


Rochester Pop-On Self-Adhering Catheter

1.5 sheath covers less skin- making it an ideal solution for the patient with a retracted penis; the short length prevents rolling and constriction- which can occur with standard length.


Rochester UltraFlex Self Adhering Catheter

Rochester Medical UltraFlex Self Adhering Male External Catheter. Transparent silicone eliminates the risk of latex-related skin irritation and allows easy and frequent skin inspection. For standard everyday use. Built in adhesive band is part of the catheter sheath and allows for ease of application while providing improved patient confidence and longer wear time.No tape or foam straps needed. Premium quality. Latex free.


Rochester Wide Band Self-Adhering Catheter

Rochester Medical WideBand Self Adhering Male External Catheter provides 70 percent more adhesive area in its 3inch adhesive width than traditional self adhering designs. Combined with a patented forward placement of the adhesive this design helps prevent accidental catheter detachment.s. Made of clear and soft breathable silicone. Latex free.

Wide Band

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